The Story of Jesus

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  1. The Birth of Jesus:

  2. Jesus Presented in the Temple:

  3. The Visit of the Wise Men:

  4. the Flight into Egypt: 

  5. Child Life of Jesus:

  6. Days of Conflict:

  7. The Baptism:

  8. The Temptation:

  9. Early Ministry:

  10. Teachings of Christ:

  11. Sabbath-keeping:

  12. The Good Shepherd:

  13. Riding into Jerusalem:

  14. "Take These Things Hence"

  15. At the Passover Supper:

  16. In Gethsemane:

  17. The Betrayal and Arrest:

  18. Before Annas, Caiaphas, and the Sanhedrin:

  19. Judas:

  20. Before Pilate:

  21. Before Herod:

  22. Condemned by Pilate:

  23. Calvary:

  24. Death of Christ:

  25. In Joseph's Tomb:

  26. He is Risen:

  27. Go Tell My Disciples:

  28. Witnesses:

  29. The Ascension:

  30. Coming Again:

  31. A Day of Judgment:

  32. The Home of the Saved: